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  1. I saw you for the first time when you were talking about the F150 Lightning. I’m a mechanic. So it got my attention. Then I then I saw your other tech videos. You were the FIRST Black Tech reviewer. I then saw a few more because of you. As a 57 year old Black man, It’s refreshing to see you in this capacity . Keep up the good work. ??????

  2. I was so proud to see a guy that looks like me KILL THIS TECH GAME. It’s ppl like you that gives kids the courage to do whatever they want too. I’ve been watching your videos all this time not even realizing I’m not a subscriber but I just FIXED THAT!!!

  3. It's funny reading the reactions here. So a lot of people are quick to jump to conclusions on the 23K downvotes. It's only a small portion of the total, but still the focus is on that. So when you downvote you must be against everything you just said…in other words, they must be racist. That's a bit jumping to conclusions don't you think? Perhaps people just want to hear about tech and then they get here and it's another person talking about racial issues. So people are quick to judge. If you're not on our side, you must be against us and part of the problem. And companies also see it like that, they just ride the waves of society. First they had to hire more women. Now they have to hire more racial diverse people. Next step is to hire more lgbt people to match their rainbow marketing campaigns. See how good we are people? So just keep on buying our products okay? What happened to simply hiring the best people for the job regardless of gender, skin, religion, age or sexual preference. Wasn't that the goal? So in many cases the needle is moving backwards

  4. I wonder, do you often get criticized for not „talking black“ enough? I heard that’s a thing and it’s really sad. No one should be forced to speak in a certain way by his color.

  5. There are assholes of every color. I don’t like generalizations of attributing traits to color. But I also don’t understand why your color should dictate the way you speak or your interests are. That’s more a cultural thing than a race thing. And it’s okay to like some cultures more or less, because you resonate with them or not. Not to say that anyone should treat these people differently.

  6. My heart is hurting and it makes me want to cry. I remember being in an art class with one white guy about five white women and three black men. (I stood out because I was in my 60s everyone else was 19 years old). I remember sitting there looking at these young black men thinking oh my god what they must go through driving home from school, going to work coming home from work. It just hurt my heart. Thank you for sharing your heart

  7. I agree with the message that every color should be looked at the same we need equality but i need to take my face out of my hands and say you only linked black creators as your favorite i understand i should not look at that but when you surface it to the air you said how in golf you are the only black man playing so you have then no diversity in the content creators you consume i feel that i make a fair point but Great video SPREAD THE MESSAGE

  8. Thank you for being excellent at what you do. Thank you also for having the courage to make this video and expressing your opinions, experiences and mindset. Great work (again) young man!

  9. All South Asians commenting here, do ponder over the reality of casteism in your regions. Its as real and as dangerous just as being black in America and other regions worldwide. Think about your privilege and stop questioning about the reservations. America practices in the form of Affirmative action. Dalit, Adivasi and Bahujan lives matter too. Read and stop oppressing them because of their birth…

  10. Who cares what skin color you are? Who the f**k cares what colour or nationality you are, it's about mobile technology and related topics on that, stupid racial comments that a so wrong and inappropriate! Keep doing you and what you are doing!

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