Today I live stream the B word. Big debate between Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey and Cathie Wood. Earn 8.5% APY + $250 Bonus w/Crypto Deposits …


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  2. I think Elan was pretty ok today, let’s forgive him for the past, nobody deserves to be judged by their past mistakes forever… It’s evident he supports BTC… (and its hopefully healthy future) . It seems like the whole discussion inspired him… Overall, glad about this chat. Maybe the crypto hype will be up again :).

  3. This all sounds good but open source, decentralized tech is notorious for low quality, rushed, mismanaged solutions. Centralized corporate solutions are always superior to random kids around the world cobbling stuff together. That’s why Cardano has promise. But all these guys also manage giant corporations that abuse and enslave employees and control messaging that benefit stockholders. None of this is truly convincing as far as an egalitarian future. You also have billionaires controlling pricing already.

    None of these people are looking after the little guy. They are watching the bottom line.

    I’m for a hybrid gov / free market system that manages secure high quality crypto networks that enforce standards, but that are free with limited corporate control and influence as far as the financial part but which have input on the technology solutions and standards.

  4. Hey you should check out the new Baby Moon Wolf token, the team seems to be doing a lot of marketing now and they seem to be doing what they say they will do..

  5. This is cool George. I missed the live stream, but just an FYI, your stream sometimes has a high pitch sound when there's no talking. White noise cancelling maybe? Very cool stream today. Elon is trying so hard to be technical, but I don't consider him a "King". They fed his ego right off the bat! LOL

  6. All hoopla no action. All three are no more than investors in BTC. It’s hard to take what they say seriously about being in it to help solve the worlds monetary problems when they won’t even take BTC as payment for their own products or services.

  7. You gotta be REALLY REALLY STUPID to take advice from Dorsey…he is bought and paid for by the Corrupt Extreme Leftists…he is NOT to be trusted EVERRR !!!

  8. There was an idea, Elon might be an alien, but he is drinking water like a nervous kid. Cathie looks much cooler, she didn't even drink at all yet, maybe she is extraterrestrial?? At least her eyes do not look human… ?

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