$100,000 Bitcoin Still Possible For 2021?

$100,000 Bitcoin Still Possible For 2021?

Bitcoin price in 2021 still possible? Here’s my Bitcoin analysis BINANCE $700 BONUS + 10% OFF FEES ▻▻ http://cryptolark.co/10 WEALTH MASTERY …


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About the Author: Lark Davis


  1. My fantasy is to end up on a long flight in first class sitting next to Lark and getting to just talk to him about Crypto (and he would probably just be wishing I could shut up so he could watch a movie)

  2. Stocks are gonna crash and btc will break below .618. I dunno why everyone is so bullish its so obvious. It aint gonna reach 100K not at least this time. whos gonna buy it knowing it will definitely crash above 64k again.

  3. Great video Lark! I especially appreciate your narrative. Bitcoin will hit what it will hit. Over time this number will exceed 125k per coin at the end of the cycle. I think the catalyst will not only be financial institutional buying, but social movement involvement (BLM, LGBTQ, etc). I have some ideas about how this could occur but I'm keeping this short ?. Keep up the great work

  4. That's still basic assumptions… Why not invest your crypto on certainty using proper knowledge and understanding of the essence and beauty in crypto through diversifying which gives you an edge 3x above the crypto market cap

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