Bitcoin and crypto have a 'Elon Musk problem'

Bitcoin and crypto have a 'Elon Musk problem'

When Elon Musk tweets, the crypto world listens. CNN’s Jon Sarlin explores the contradictions of crypto’s decentralized networks alongside the very central …


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  1. The fact that people think it's Elon Musk moving the market is hilarious to us professional traders.

    All these dips that people blame Elon for I literally posted weeks in advance. You can see all the proof on my Facebook trading page ChronicCrypto Trading.

    Elon doesn't move the market, us traders move the market. The only crypto Elon moves is the shitcoin doge. Every single prediction I made was way before Elon said anything and the moves happened exactly as I said.

  2. By the way, for some reason this quote comes to mind: 'First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win'. CNN seems to be between second and third stage 😀

  3. Why do you think Bitcoin has lost 50% in value over two months? Its because there are far more sellers than buyers. So if everyone is HODL, diamond hands, bla bla bla and Musk et al are talking it up, who is selling? It’s the whales!

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  5. So the point of this piece is? 1- When Elon Musk says anything about anything the world listens because he has millions of followers. 2- The crypto space is so new (and small) that the prices will be highly volatile for a few more years. Because of its size, not because it has a problem. Until mass adoption happens. Which is inevitable. Once you educate yourself enough (probably CNN not the best place to do it) you'll see it.

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  7. Pray nation states don’t collectively shut it down: as long a one or two countries allow it, there’s hope.

  8. people are dumb they think crypto currency is not centralized. crypto depends on government fiat money inorder to work. what do you spend to buy it? oh right real money unless you farm it with the proper equipment which cost thousands in real money.

  9. Crypto currencies are also a major environmental problem. They consume a ton of electricity do do a task that can be performed without using a ton of electricity. Banks keep track of money in a digital fashion just fine. With pollution and global warming becoming big issues, the timing is wrong for something like this.

  10. If you listen to Elon Musk for what to buy or influenced by others, then you have no idea about the fundamentals. Sounds like CNN have no idea about any of it

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