CoreJJ, Team Liquid heartbroken after worlds elimination | ESPN Esports

CoreJJ, Team Liquid heartbroken after worlds elimination | ESPN Esports

Team Liquid support Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in talks to ESPN’s Tyler Erzberger about Team Liquid’s run at the League of Legends World Championship, how North …


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  1. CoreJJ: “I’m going to try to see what I can do”

    Idk buddy you kinda looked like you were doing the most all year until worlds idk what more you really could’ve done.

  2. NA (Not Advancing)
    if only they had sent TSM instead of CG, then TSM would have been flying through the groupstage upto Finals then eventually winning Worlds2019!
    TSM TSM TSM!!!

  3. Holy sht, can we have a translator, his english is so fkn horrible like we don't get what you say fkn korean heart broken kid.

  4. NA is in trouble though. Yes cloud 9 got to semis last year, but NA fails to deliver every year even after being one of the original 2 regions to start league esports.

    NA needs to be humbled by this. NA talks a lot of game but can NEVER back it up. NA is the worst of all the major regions and we will never be able to compete until these teams start recognizing their failures.

  5. Liquid is good but they need NEW champion pool and try to be more agressive but they always play the same champs I means this other pros they study the way they play those champs so its GGs from champion select.

  6. Xmithie needs to be replaced and Jensen needs to expand his pool and work on mid priority. And STOP disrespecting people like rookie in lane.

    I'm sure theres an up and coming NA talent in an academy somewhere that could replace xmithie

  7. We can’t just keep buying world champions. We need to do what LPL is doing and buy up and coming Koreans who haven’t won anything. Mold them to our playstyle or build around their playstyle like IG and FPX

  8. i think not banning vlad the entire day yesterday was a HUGE mistake. bad drafts, horrible bans (lissandra? like, yall won against a vlad, but he got to a point where he was 1v3ing), and not the best calls, but that was on the entire team

  9. Steve better start consolidating some $$$$ to get someone from LCK or LPL. Though the general consensus is that if you want to compete, you go to LCK, LPL, or EU. If you want to slowly retire and disappear from the scene, you go to NA to cash in the money and go out with your wallet and bank account big.

  10. ugh i feel so bad for him i mean he's like the main reason why tl even managed to get 1st seed. too bad jensen inted vs IG and ruined tls chance out of groups

  11. same as last year, TL lost the game trying to take early dragons…….. they should learn to cut their losses and farm out. Also, their early game is weaker than the top tier teams. Early / Mid game is the meta now. If you are weak in early / mid game, doesn't matter as you will not reach the late game before the game ends.

  12. I'm guessing that the team's just sick of playing with doublelift….happened at CLG, happened at TSM…and after the way he threw them under the bus publicly after loss first loss to IG, I'm not surprised if they boot him after this season.

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