Dave Lee – Lew Later #003

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  1. Listening to this in short segments while I'm at work, I'm thinking Lew would be great as a host on a "Late Night" show. But he needs or is at least at his best with a more in depth interview. This Charley Rose style format is really great! He's so laid back. It makes his guests more comfortable and forthcoming. And he's interesting enough on his own, so much that he could make a boring guest more interesting. I am in no way saying Dave Lee is boring. This just happens to be the video that I decided to post my opinion on

  2. Sorry Lew but I'm over your show. You keep changing the format, longer episodes, short episodes your on your off for over a week. Miss the old format. Not a fan of the intro and outro music sorry Willi Du love you man. Shame cause I was a huge fan and used to look forward to your views on the news and events. The banter between yourself and Willi Du. Please go back to the old format. So much going

  3. In reference to tiktok and kids viewing videos that go by so quick you can't explain them. My nephew went from random kid videos to a foriegn low budget "kids program" for youtube that was effectively kids fear factor where once the little 6 year old girl put her hands in rubber snakes(but they pretended they were real or at the very least that the viewer would assume they are fake for how obviously lifeless and cheap they looked) she got a key to unlock a locker where she got A FULL BACKPACK of makeup. THis is DEEPLY discouraging. Short form and user made content is NOT for kids pre-13. It popped up as quick as it went away as youtube pushed for some next video. So backward and too accessible!

  4. I think that all of that is just age. Your a bit more jaded and things. Don’t have the spark that you got when you were younger, just because you’ve been through that already and it’s harder to get that “high” that was easier when young

  5. this was a GREAT conversation! I love this deeper Lew! I don't know if anyone on the channel reads these, but I love Lew getting to talk about the stuff that interests him. Unbox is good for the mainstream Lew, but I like listening to this more introspective Lew.

  6. My two favorite techtubers come together to give me my favorite content: raw conversations that go deep. Thank you for this!!

  7. Not hating but how does Dave2D claim he values his time so won’t spend time on tiktok, but plays countless hours of video games

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