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Gris’s beautiful exterior hides a simple, at times confusing, platformer. Donut County Review: Celeste Review: …


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  1. this reviewer does not understand that a game does not need to be a super entertaining with cool mechanics and micro transactions. video games are an art form. and that is why he fails to understand the game and why he falsely compares this to a plat former like celeste, a game where it is much more a form of entertainment than art

  2. You should Go watch gameXplain’s review if you wish for it to be accurate. He sets his points out clearly and appreciates the game for what it is while giving fair critiques (that being 1).

  3. Gris' level design is magnificent in a way where it expertly guides you to where you need to go without being to overt. How do you get lost in a game like this?

  4. I was watching a playthrough of this game and watched carefully, and after read what was said about the meaning of the game: A daughter going through the stages of grief over her mother's death using not only a beautiful soundtrack but color as well. Comparing and belittling a game based on how hard it was for you is shameful.

    As someone who has experienced the grief of losing a parent, it moved me to tears as I watched and understood what the meaning was and felt at peace because it perfectly interpreted how difficult dealing with grief along with accepting that the person is gone. I HIGHLY recommend this game, no thanks to the pure bull that is your "review".

  5. I almost never agree with IGN's reviews, but this one was ok. IGN points out several legitimate weaknesses. Mechanics are extremely simple for 90% of the game. Foreground and background are inconsistent which make it irritating. Game is quite short and personally I finished it in less than 3 hours. Most of the music is very pleasant but the ability to grow the plants annoyed me and I tried to minimize trying to use it because it disrupts the pleasant background music. The "story" is purely poetic which can be very powerful or completely nonsensical depending on how the player interprets it. As an experience, it was decent and I would personally give it a little bit higher score than IGN. It deserves a 7/10 almost purely because of the art and music. If it had average art and music, this game would be subpar and would be a 4/10 because of the glaring weaknesses it has as a video game.

  6. If this is confusing I don't know what planet you are on. If you want confusing try a couple of riddles in Luigi's Mansion (which is also an excellent game).

  7. This game is definitely a 9/10. It is a masterpiece of storytelling and gameplay is amazing. I put it in the same category as Alto and Ori and Limbo and…

  8. Maybe i'm wrong but i presume the journalist of this review would vote for "man getting hit by football" in the Springfield Film Festival instead of Barney's shortfilm:)

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