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  1. Does anyone know how to unlock the engine without the controller.. I lost the controller and i cannot fly it with the app because is blocked ???

  2. Hello I bought the drone hs175 I have a problem the 90 ° rotation of the camera does it sometimes yes and sometimes not seeing that the camera motor is fine, how can I fix this problem

  3. I have one of these and considering the 2.1 stars at the google play store, coupled with the requirement to have google play services creeping up your backdoor, I'd say it's a complete wash for android users. If apple users have an older less expensive phone that's working, I'd appreciate a reply or message saying what model it is. I've been reading about other drones having the same issues in gargle phones and am considering buying a used crapple one just for drones.

  4. Little drones like that are not recommended to be flying in any type of wind at all not even 4 mile per hour winds because they're not capable of handling that

  5. I got this drone a month ago and it has never been right. It has always taking anywhere from 10 to 15mins to calibrate and get connected to the network for app to work. Eventually it give up connecting completely. Holy Stone have agreed to replace it but just wondered did anyone else this issue.

  6. First of all great review of the HS510! Bought it last month and love it (footage on my channel).
    Second: does holy stone just send you a drone to review or do you need to have a certain subscriber count first?

  7. Another question..the direction booklet is not very good.
    So when you have the drone on and the app running. Pushed the 3 square box function.
    And there is 5 icons there. Can you explain what each on does?
    One is V/R but not sure what the rest are for??

  8. I just bought the Holy Stone HS175.
    I have never flown a drone before.
    I have tons on questions for you if your will to help me out??
    We can PM on facebook??

  9. You don’t have comments on for the older videos! But I wanted to say great channel! Keep the reviews coming! I just got the DEERC D50 for Christmas ? and my edition came with different packaging than yours, mine HAD A NICE CASE!

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