How I Film Real Estate With A Drone/Camera Easy

How I Film Real Estate With A Drone/Camera Easy

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  1. When you were doing your interior photos, what was that device mounted on top of your camera and was that a remote shutter release dangling from the camera? Finally, what were you holding in your hand? It looked like a flash. Would you link or tell me the brands? Thanks. I'm gathering equipt to start up my own RE photo/video biz. Very well put together video.

  2. Can someone explain to me why turning the water on is a thing? Do large cities not have water in some places? I edit videos out of Vancouver and area and they do that there too. I am from and shoot in the Okanagan and the realtors here thinks that's weird, as do I.

  3. I understand the dismissive approach to the neighbor, when you know you are in a clear airspace you are literally doing nothing wrong. Dismiss and avoid the escalation and time wasted. Thank you for describing the settings as you go along!

  4. Hey man, first off, thanks for your sharing. It's funny how people don't think twice to get in someone else's business. Is it a good idea to display a big sign saying " FAA Certified Drone Pilot, please Do Not Disturb!". And in smaller print: " Absolutely Not trying to film You or Your Property!"?

  5. You’re a boss I’m a mechanic and a Shoe. Maker and photographer amateur well maybe a little better than amateur but I like your style real clean really smooth love the photos real professional lotta inspiration here in Michigan they charge a lot for lidar and for Ariel I love how you did the inside with that camera if you could tell me what kind of camera and the thing that was holding the camera in the cradle thank you sir I did subscribe and I’ll be watching your videos you’ve been a great help thank you keep up the great work PS she apologized After you told her to fuck off

  6. Ken, what handheld camera stabilizer are you using. I just have a drone and I can't shoot at low levels. I really like yours and would like to get one.

  7. You had me drawn in up to the point of not being very professional. I saw a significant opportunity to educate and move your business forward. Instead the F. Bomb was thrown out. That’s when I moved on.

  8. Great tips man love your channel and the fact that you purchased an xt4 haha I’m looking into doing real estate photography and video with my xt4 and mavic air 2 just pending the 10-24 lens and possibly a gimbal as well

  9. You were much more polite to her than I would have been. These people who think their property rights extend straight up into space, need to be schooled on their ignorance. I would have told her that if she thinks that I don’t have the right to fly over her property and take photos, she’d better be on the phone with Google about both Google Earth and Maps.

  10. Do you not have the realtor (or you) three +/- days before the shoot pass out flyer to their neighboring homes that between XX:XXam ~ XX:XXpm a air drone will be over heard shooting XYZ home and NOT looking at your home.. etc..??

  11. My problem is my videos are too dark or too noisy if I go for bigger ISO around 1000…
    How do you color grade you HLG2 interior shoots?

  12. This is awesome thank you for the tips, this might be my side job that I start while I am laid off. Also great job at handling the angry people when it came to flying the drone!

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