iPadOS 15 Review: Dropped Expectations!

iPadOS 15 is coming to an iPad near you. Not just the iPad Pro. Any iPad. MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com Tech I’m using right now: …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. There is still the question why iPadOS divides the screen with two apps not horizontal but vertical while you're using your iPad upright. That makes absolutely no sense. It's frustrating me every day…

  2. I'll never understand the craze around widgets. I never understood it on Android and don't do now on iOS and soon Windows. At the very best they were looking nice and on the watch, yeah they kinda do make sense. But on everything else? To me one of the most overrated features.

  3. When you buy a new m1 ipad pro and boot it up for the first time. Apple should give you the option to choose IOS or MAC OS. If they do something like that maybe then the ipad with M1 will make more sense otherwise the previous version of ipad pro is still good.

  4. I've seen android users criticize iPad for not being able to have 2 windows open but whenever apple does incorporate something that Samsung also has, android users accuse apple of "copying" Samsung. I use android btw.

  5. I can see you're getting the result you deserved. Amazing vid haha.

    iPadOS 15 Review: Dropped Expectations !
    Good and icy cool thing! With good effort comes good result, this is the one!

  6. I getting a new iPad because my current one doesn’t support iPadOS 14 or 15 or even 13 but on my phone I can’t live without App Library because I like making custom icons so I need to remove apps from my Home Screen. So for me this update is amazing and I can’t wait to use it!

  7. Why do people expect Applewould put Final Cut Pro on iPad? It would kill the Macbook. And Ipad already has Lumafusion

  8. In the future ipad PRO hopefully will replace macbook air. Apple should listen to its customers and respect their wishes. There are plenty of people who want logic or final cut to run on the ipad pro. Now that macbooks, imacs and ipad pros running the same hardware there are no excuses!

  9. Or, you could just get a high end 2 in 1 chromebook like the ACER spin 713. Between the Linux environment and native environment I can do anything, It's far cheaper than an iPad pro and if I want some extra rendering power, and I don't, I could build myself a Raspberry pi render farm for pretty cheap.

  10. About time to sell a Kidney to get an iPad with iPadOS 15 that I can get the same function existing on Android years ago. :/

  11. The entire video when I watched for the first time… I kept my eyes on the clock in the background and wondered why it’s not moving…all I heard from Marquee was “iPad iOS multitasking cool”

  12. When are you Apple fangirls going to face the fact that a company which makes both laptops and tablets has no commercial interest in allowing one to replace the other? Have you ever read an income statement? It's slight overlaps that diversify revenue, not replacements.

  13. These days I find myself reaching for my iPad more frequently than my MacBook. I’m realizing that, “Yes, It’s not a computer” but it’s also not trying to be. It offers a very different user experience which I personally find more enjoyable for the majority of my computing needs. Be it reading articles and books, watching YouTube videos, emails, writing(with the magic keyboard) etc. I think Apple is developing the iPad user experience to be its own distinct product, rather than trying to make it more like a computer.

    I agree that the iPad isn’t really the go-to for more “productivity” oriented tasks.

  14. Hey Marques great video. You have a great technic to teach. You’re one of the two top best YouTubers for me. Very concise and honest review.

  15. My biggest mistake to buy Samsung phone over iPhone when purchased 65k Samsung galaxy S10
    Today I visited Samsung service center for new OEM Battery Back Cover Adhesive for my Samsung Galaxy S10 as my back panel got opened from one side due to heating of devices.
    After I got my device for final check I found out that camera were filled with adhesive from inside as it was not cleaned by technician before fitting back glass and device was all dirty with all adhesive fingerprints.
    When I told them they took it an cleaned the camera lens(again opening the back glass which was just fitted) and was done within 30 minutes and gave me the device and device was still dirty from outside very poor service Samsung.
    And the strange thing is when I gave my device for 1st time for replacing OEM Adhesive they took 2 hours to repair and when I gave for 2nd time to clean camera lens from inside(which they had to open the back glass again)it just took them 30 minutes.
    That means there is something wrong thing done 2nd time while repair.

  16. iPad vs computer is a false premise.

    Landline vs cellular
    Work remote vs on-site
    Cable vs streaming
    Streaming vs theater
    Brick-n-mortar vs on-line shopping/banking
    Paper check vs money app
    Camera vs phone

    Conventional options such as cable boxes and banks are still available because a significant # of ppl haven’t shifted to the alternative and many never will. I doubt that Apple is afraid of iPads cannibalizing computer sales, production is driven by market demand and they're in business to make money. IMO Apple’s message is the iPad is an option that may serve all or most of one’s computing use cases, but each person has to make that determination. For some, it may be a cut-the-cord computing option, for others, it may be an ecosystem component like the phone and watch. Ppl should stop trying to see iPads in their own image and then whine it when it doesn’t live up to their arbitrary expectations. It is not a Surface Pro and it’s not meant to be.

  17. I bought it and love it but the moment google sells a device like it (size, CPU-power) with chrome os, i will sell it.
    Because I want to do some more things on my tablet.

  18. Not gonna lie I don't think the average person cares about final cut pro being on the Ipad. I just wish it had more apps in general that could take advantage of the power.

  19. I'm getting old, I can't remember half the stuff in this video. I still don't know how to get split screen on my iPad without googling it. All I know is I want that Safari shit gone.

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