League of Legends global power rankings – August 13 | ESPN Esports

League of Legends global power rankings - August 13 | ESPN Esports

Darin Kwilinski, Tyler Erzberger and Arda Ocal dissect the top 10 teams in the League of Legends global power rankings as Fnatic make their first appearance in …


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  1. in the left side analyst talking shit how can you say that to G2 saying that disrespect oponent i agree with that if g2 draft it once or twice its there own style men thats not desrespect lol 90 % of there play is picking some weird picks and off meta and they dis it in rr in NA also in msi they play pyke so what you think?

  2. how can you say that in to G2 when they play pyke in Msi Against skt?lol this analyst is a joke i will ginback here until G2 prove it to finals and bring some stuff that you ddnt expect would come

  3. LCK second best league in 2019 is a laughably bad take. And placing TL so low after two solid international performances and completely wiping the floor on their region is similarly questionable.

  4. TL should be above Splyce and below FNC. SB and Griffin and TES should be lower. DWG should be higher like 5 or 6. FNC shouldn’t be in top 5. G2 should be lower than RNG and FPX.

  5. LCK is a mess right now. Everyone can have a chance to go to World in that region except for KT and Jin Air. Their best chance to win World would be SKT, KZ and DWG. If SB, GenG, and Griffins go to world then I am sure this region has no hope.

  6. This power ranking wtf. G2 is one of the best in the world but every single other LEC team would be out of top 7 in Lck. Fnc and Spy in top 10 is joke.

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