Today I want to share my thoughts about the B word discussion between Elon Musk, Cathie Wood and Jack Dorsey. Earn 8.5% APY + $250 Bonus w/Crypto …


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  2. I don't think these people stand for freedom at all. They are great reset people. They like censorship and eliminating everybody that doesn't agree with their world-view. We all know where this has led to in the past. McAfee, Berwick, Assange, those are real people to me

  3. It's better thay pulled the green energy card now. If Elon never pointed it out now someone els would of when main streem adoption all poored in. Buy time main streem comes pooing in it will be the perfect curacy for the world with no fud left to say about crypto. At that time it will be moving up and fast we will all look bk and our onley regret will be we never bourt Moor at these cheep prices.
    Have no fear the the gratist welth transfer this planet has ever seen is near.

  4. SpaceX also hold Doge after accepting it for payload payment.. Space X is putting a literal Doge coin on the moon. First crypto in space, first meme in space… all funded through Doge. Not one channel has the real info on the meme coin. New patch will reduce doge transaction fees to less than 1% of 1%! Something like .001 Doge to move any amount. Game changer!

  5. The EU have put negative interest rates on the agenda when the new CBDC comes out but at the moment there is no negative interest rates in the EU and certainly not in the UK . Its close but not happening yet .

  6. George – Please, please, please draw some attention to the 1st session of the B-Word Conference in which Nic Carter, Lyn Alden and company absolutely destroyed the energy FUD, the criminal activity FUD, the China FUD, etc. Everyone on YouTube is obsessed with the Elon / Jack / Kathy session when really very little of value was said. If everyone watched the 1st session instead we would be so much better off in terms of combating the mainstream narrative. Please watch it and do an episode about it. Love your work -you're one of the best!

  7. Bought and sold baby. Volume is dwindling now though. Maybe some continuation towards those 20s. I like that Elon put pressure on Jack. Hahaha you should accept crypto ! Elon might dog it sometimes but!!! He was accepting BtC , has Dorsey ? Naaaaaah

  8. Put the miner in a well ventilated box/es that will also reduce the noice.
    On the exhaust connect it to the venting for the house.
    That goes to the heat pump for the house, that take energy from the ventilated air.
    By using 1kw and producing 4kw of heat and warming the hot tap water.

    So it is smarter than Elon suggestion. When a miner is VERY loud. So you put the box with the miner in a room there the washing machine are so there is a additional door that stops the last polluting noise.

    Now we do not have a noicy and a unregulated heated (to hot) room.

    Instead silence and heating is regulated by the ordernary system that distributes to all rooms in a silent and controlled way (keeping our standard and normal comfort level).

    By taking and suck out the exhaust heat from the miner then the room will not get/be overheated. That is the issue when the room is hot it will not cool the miner with hot air.. that is why many minere like George are taking air from the outside to cool down that room..
    (We want to save energy and not drill holes in walls to let in cold air that is waste.)

  9. NFT STARTER token (NST) ? 1k % gains in two days ??. I taken out small profits and bought some POLYGON and Cardano. I'm ready for round two.??

  10. I watches the B event on your channal.
    Like i said on altcoins channal. The only 3 ppl i listen to for crypto is George/Aaron/Austin cryptorus & Altcoin daily for life !

  11. Jack won't take crypto for payment was all i got… ALL TALK!!! that was the most weakest thing i ever saw!!.. Elon should take crypto but Jack was too good for it

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