Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 concept video: exclusive 3D render

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 concept video: exclusive 3D render

The new and improved Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is expected to land alongside the Galaxy S5 smartphone in a few months time. This is how we want it to look …


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  1. What I don't get is the idiots who keep pushing for Samsung to cater to other Android devices. Yet Apple exclusive hardware is acceptable? I have literally seen reviewers lower rating on the Galaxy Gear because it's exclusive to Samsung.

  2. I've worn much bigger watches them the Galaxy gear. And who sleeps with their watch anyways, what's the big deal plugging it in… Takes 45 minutes to charge it fully and it lasts more than a day. Charging is not a slight against the galaxy to me. The Pebble watch is hideous and the Sony watch is a close second. Samsung watch design is great and will only get better. The only one that can compete is that I Apple watch

  3. I have the Galaxy gear and I love the watch and its camera it is great for taking pictures voice activation and is elegant and fits like a glove..

  4. Make it… The next generation of samsung… This smart watch should have long battery, day and night brightness, call and text.. Video conversations. Apps orientations to any android devices… Excellent pickup bluetooth smart tethering… Twin speakers and speaker microphone. Sleek design like this 3d renders shows… An year or 18month my estimate time when it is customer own.

  5. I just came in my jeans a little.
    If Gear looked like this it would definitely make me want to go back to Android. Run to it, do weird stuff to it, have babies with it.

  6. In terms of hardware I think the charge port is located in a poor position. It doesn't make sense in terms of engineering (should be parallel to internal chips) not to mention build up/sweet that way occur while outdoors. Good stuff though 🙂

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