Top 5 Best Bridge Camera | Best Super zoom Cameras

Bridge cameras are cameras that fill the niche between the single-lens reflex cameras (SLRs) and the point-and-shoot camera.They are often comparable in …


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  1. New reply on "I have a Canon Rebel T7i camera, I can't take nice pictures and the phone looks better so I want to take distant pictures and her lens is the kit, 18 x 55mm. I was researching the value of the 70 x lens 300mm with stabilizer and the price is high, I am told that the Nikon Coolpix P1000 because I am not even an amateur, it is for my hobby to admire that it is worth to stay with Canon or exchange for a Nikon Coolpix P1000, what is your opinion? Is a Nikon P1000 detail professional? Thanks

  2. big scams, paid trolls just for advertising ….. but it's a scam. the same footage shows for several devices and so they mislead, this is for the court where the moderators sleep.

  3. get p1000 everyone its the best. i have p900 cz im poor and the difference between 2000mm and 3000mm is huge. 1000mm difference and 1000mm is almoust double of 600mm which is the max of those other "super"zoom cameras.

  4. My favourite bridge camera? Fujifilm Finepix S2980. Sure, I'd like to get my hands on a Sony RX10 IV or Lumix 2000 (bigger sensor – better image quality and bokeh), but if you're tight on budget like me, the 2980 offers a good zoom (18x), decent image quality even at ISO 1600 (and 6400 for emergencies), great anti-shake and an unbeatable bang for buck – with a bit of patience, you might get one in good condition for around 35 € at the bay.

    I'll probably hunt for a RX10 IV when I can get a used one for under € 100 😉

  5. You got all your facts wrong when it said 2x zoom was 60mm? also 30x zoom was wrong
    can you tell me how you came to 2x=60mm in the nikon p900.
    24x to 83x a 2x should be 48mm please tell me i am wrong and how the formula works?

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