Drone X Pro 720P Folding FPV Camera Flight Test Review

Drone X Pro 720P Folding FPV Camera Flight Test Review

Drone #Flycam #Dronecamera Drone X Pro 720P Folding FPV Camera Flight Test Review Link Buy Drone X Pro: …


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  1. "You should explain yourself rather making such a statement " (Taken from my reply below to someone who thought it is rubbish.) But it certainly does not do what it's claimed to do . Yet if you fly it in a good open area especially with grass under it's a lot of fun for a beginner. Learn to keep it low away from obstacles and within sight. You'll need 3rd speed in windy condition. My experience is that if you stand on the middle of a sport oval this is about the range you'll be able to manage it. If you can't see its lights you won't be able to control it. This one comes with better battery than the E58 I average 10 mins for each of my 2 batteries. I can't comment about phone navigation it's not working properly for me and my camera result was very poor
    I paid AU$ 130 (100 US) Hassled them for a motor not working after 3/52 till they send me a new one. (I think if you hit to many hard obstacles like walls you'll ware the plastic propeller cogs out) Just be patient learn to control it as much as can be before getting an expensive one.

  2. I have the first one they put out and if you want to learn a drone it's good for that because of it's instability you have to work the controls. But if you can fly that I believe that you can fly any other drone

  3. This drone is a con! All the ads on Facebook and other sites are a scam. The footage they use is from DJI Mavic pro and other high cost drones. No person left the big drone company and invented this piece of junk. It is manufactured by a Chinese company out of Hong Kong. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  4. On the YouTube AD of this DRONE X Pro [under $100.00], the ad shows it being shipped into a hard foam-filled casing…but when u opened it, it was sent in a cheap plastic snack-holder….NOT good!??

  5. It's a SCAM…. the DroneX is actually the 44$ chinese Eachine E58 toy. It's garbage and a scame. They took the Chinese toy, and lie with a completely bogus story and fake footage from real drones.

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