The Biggest Game Releases of August 2021

The Biggest Game Releases of August 2021

August is just about here and summer is in full swing, so sit back and let us tell you about some of the biggest upcoming games releasing on your favorite …


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  1. So hyped for Kena, I just hope there is a lot of game there and not just a VERY pretty package with some gameplay sprinkled here and there ^^

  2. @IGN – how come every single video you upload look so low quality? It's all exported to 1080p but seems like every video is encoded with low to medium settings, making them look more like 540p even at 1080p. I want to see every single hair follicle on Brian's beautiful head

  3. On August, 24 Hoa The Game comes out to Switch, PS4, PS5, Steam, XOne and XS. Is a super beautiful puzzler platformer.

  4. Hades and Psychonauts 2 are coming to PS4/PS5 and IGN somehow didn’t mention that for both games.

  5. I can’t believe 12 Minutes and Kena: Bridge of Spirits aren’t coming to Switch but admittedly I say that about a lot of games. I’m waiting for September so I can finally play a new WarioWare.

  6. I’m gonna play psychonauts 2 on GamePass, I will be upgrading my Ghost of Tsushima with Iki Island and PS5.

    I’ll be busy with backlog of games and I’ll be playing Wingman, Blinx the Cat, The Ascent on Xbox game pass.

    Plenty to play.

    I’ll keep an eye out on Kena

  7. How incompetent this people are, or how much they get from to ad GamesPass, who knows, it is one or another. But, not mention that Hades and Psychonauts 2 come to PlayStation, only show how terrible professional and bias this people are. This site have been a disservice for PlayStation users for a long time.

  8. Kena is PS's attempt at Zelda, and if that doesn't work, Horizon will be here in a few months. Best of luck.

  9. Ghost of Tsushima is the only one interesting to me but I'm not paying full price again just for added DLC. Will better save my money for September when Tales of Arise and Lost Judgement releases I also book time off work in September for those games.

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