The best smartphone 2020

The best smartphone 2020

Our best smartphone list brings you 5 of the top phones available right now, but if you already have your mobile OS allegiance set you may want to check out …


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  1. Because I got values anytime I read "techradar" blogs, I hope its "YouTube" is an upgraded version.

    Honestly, my intuition told me to look you up here….?

    Never even understandstood what the topic is all about, already subscribed. That's honestly ?

  2. Certainly not the Samsung S20. Mine only lasts half a day and it’s flat. Camera is shite too compared to my LG V30. I’m going to sell it. Typical marketing hype.

  3. Bruh the 1 rn is the s20 ultra and second p40 pro + but this is kinda stupid to do rn cuz the iPhone 12 is coming in a few days you probably should have waited before doing this vid

  4. For a great Samsung that isnt the S20 and in the 900× range is the S9. I've had mine for a year and its performing perfectly still.

  5. Tech what??? Huawei is banned to ship phones with Google preinstoled, that does not mean you can't install it. Please get your facts right

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