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  1. Sir can you help me…? My drone wifi is not detected on my cellphone. Is there a solution for me…? Looks like the WiFi signal receiver is not working.
    Thanks ?

  2. Hi, I bought one and I can fly it pretty well. However is there a place to put an SD card, or do you only store video and images on your phone? Also, I downloaded the app and it won't connect to my drone. The wifi connection does not start with an M it's something like WIFI_4K xxxxxxxx any ideas?

  3. I couldn’t connect the camera to my phone.
    I was connected to its hotspot but the camera wouldnt pop up on my phone. My phone is an iphone. Does it not work with them?

  4. I just got this drone and it is better than expected!
    You can't expect much from a 40 dollar drone but the camera quality and optical flow are amazing.
    The optical flow doesn't work well on shiny floors so won't recommend flying inside.
    The drone itself is neat but the box is just a normal hard bag with some foam inside. The foam can be removed so not a very good bag.
    As he said, the drone does drift so you might wanna try pressing the right joystick. Yes, press it.
    The battery does last around 13 minutes, but it will feel long enough because it is very exciting.
    Most people have trouble connecting, so here's a tip:
    > When you switch on the drone, there will be a new wifi network that starts with M8__________ and some random numbers. Open the app and it will connect automatically.
    The camera does cut sometimes and stops for some reason so if you are about to do a trick, remember to see if the record is on.
    The flips will not work when the battery goes below about 25% so if you wanna try it, do it earlier.
    The cool thing is, the drone does fly when there is some rain, not too much, just a little more than a drizzle.
    If you are indoors, don't use 1 key return! It will keep coming back and never stop.
    The auto takeoff and landing works amazing. It is what saves me from flying into trees
    The drone is quite noisy but very steady so flying into a small branch is fine.
    This drone is very good for its price! Any questions?
    I have uploaded 2 videos on my youtube channel of the footage

  5. Can i ask something, when it's turning on the winga will move but then when the drone goes up ,i can't candle it because the drone is moving by itself so how to control it on my own??

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