Upward Facing drone camera Hack – KEN HERON

Upward Facing drone camera Hack - KEN HERON

Ken shows you what’s UP with your drone! Join this channel to get access to nifty stuff: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCN3j77kPMeQu41gfMNd13A/join


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  1. Question: do you have a episode on : why the @%#$& is brickwork so hard to film without all the grout lines doing crazy mesmerizing cross patterns thats aint really there?? In using a mavic pro 2

  2. Drone filming drone. Need a couple more for drones filming drones filming drones filming drones filming drones. I'm dizzy and have a headache now.

  3. Hi Ken,
    Haven't seen your videos for some time now, was beginning to get worried! Glad to see you are healthy.
    Suggestion: How about looking into Range Extenders – Yagis and Para-whats-their names. Yesterday I saw a video by a guy who fits yagis on the Mavic Air 2! Interest you?

  4. I'm trying to write an old "Country" style song. The title is, "Mosquitoes are beautiful". If you think of any helpful lyrics. Have your people contact my people. -Bill Howes, future Country music star.

  5. I too, have a Hero 5 Session. I will have to give the "view up" a shot. I'm going to try it with image stabilization ON, however. I think I have to set it to 1920×1080 for the stabilization to work properly.

  6. Hey , WHY , is it ILLEGAL for 107 Pilots to fly with outdated Firmware ?
    For example , I have a Phantom 4 . When I updated to most recent firmware, the P4 Return To Home did NOT work , it also gave Obstacle Avoidance errors making forward very slow . When downgraded to last Firmware , P4 works perfect. DJI contacted me and said they would send me the NEWEST firmware when issue was corrected.

  7. That flight restriction is dangerously low. It really shouldn't be lower than at least 200 feet. I bought an Autel instead of a DJI drone cause of that sort of stuff.

  8. I'm surprised you didn't go film The Pyramid, there is such an interesting history behind it and it just looks awesome!

  9. Ken, you had some useful information about flying with the latest firmware under part 107. Where can I read more about that? I've heard that mentioned, but can't find the source.

  10. Very cool video. Love it when two drones film each other. Highlight was the double hand catch by you and James. Kudos guys. Kudos to Steve as well.

  11. Ken,
    In your video your the captions said that your height was restricted by dji. If you were using litchi would you still have the height restrictions imposed by dji

  12. Ken, The Reason you were not able to go higher was that the Drone did not establish a Home point. Take off and hover for a moment until it establishes a home point then you would be good to go. I never update my firmware and the reason being is because it limits your Altitude.

  13. It would probably be more fun to put 3D-props on it, though i'm not sure the DJI firmware can be tricked to think up is down 🙂

  14. Fly it to the moon! This would be a good tool to inspect bridges…well I had to edit, you said bridge inspections near the end. I commented earlier. You are an idealist!

  15. See you're having fun there Ken

    Keep em Coming.

    Now Ken I know you have a sense of humour so you might like this

    Have you ever used Reverse Speech on the iPhone or Reverse Talk on a Samsung?

    and then spoke the word Whats'Up and listened to it played in reverse??

    Even better, try

    WhatsUp Nickoff Harry, whatsUp Yeah.


  16. @ 1:14, don't hate me for this, but… The Ken-Do ken-da blends in with the bridge and background, allowing "Shaved Head Ken" to make a cameo appearance!!

    Up Camera Challenge!! Find a real tall antenna with an interior wider than your Phantom and fly straight up!! The structure going by would make a really mind blowing shot!!! Then fly down with Phantom's cam pointing down! Then reverse it!!!!! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaa ?‍♂️ !!!

    Watched the scroll. Dorothy Zbornak lives!!!!!!

  17. Is it me or is the pucker factor getting higher and higher with Ken Heron videos? Last night I flew the now harvested Corn Field behind our Home and LeAn was yelling about the power lines that were about 400FT away, so I know how she felt about the low altitude flight over the river. I did like it though, I'm always fascinated by bridges so you had me on that. A great video. Be careful with that P4P+. I hear their hard to find. Maybe a P5P would interest you???

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