How Peeping Drones Could Be Spying On You Without You Knowing It | TODAY

How Peeping Drones Could Be Spying On You Without You Knowing It | TODAY

If a drone were spying on your in your home or backyard, would you even know? Not necessarily. TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen …


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  1. 3:37 those drones do not need to be registered if it is 250 grams or higher you need to register it the drone the news anchor is holding and other one dont need to be registered cause they look small and light i dont know the weight of those drone he has but i dont think those drone need to be registered

  2. Pure sensationalist fear mongering. Cameras can zoom up to a 100x on phones now; don't need to fly if they can use their smartphone to just zoom in from down the street on that hill in the park, but we're not freaking out about phone cameras, let alone DSLRs. Let's just ban or over regulate everything, because someone somewhere probably used it at some point to do something immoral and potentially harmful.

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  4. I looked outside my window when I heard a droning noise and it was a journalist going on and on about voyeurs with a whole camera crew and an Arri camera crane and his director was looking at a monitor and everything!

    If you get paid for this clickbait scaremongering tabloid gutter press drivel, you are conning your employer out of their money. You should be ashamed of yourself. I'm a bit late… have you still got a job in journalism?

  5. So upset just endured that yesterday in the day came twice to my 2nd story bedroom window,had window open but curtain down.Very frustrating due to the fact you don’t know who is operating and can’t locate them! I did call the police say can’t do anything unless I know who is operating and ffa blah! I was lucky to record the humming the 2nd time then flew away. What is most upsetting is you don’t know if it’s a creep,someone that hates you,someone that’s nosy Etc

  6. Omg tuis happend to me Iwas sleeping then i heard an weird noise and wake up and see a drone with camera it was there for 3 days i tought it was a dream first but it was coming 2 days more i called my dad and my dad comed he looked at it and the drone flew away fastly and i never see or it watches me at night im creeped out

  7. I"m Deaf and have large round breasts, which need to be massaged with oil and dried in the sunlight. I like to keep my eyes closed as I stand nude and fully shaved in front of my balcony door. It's so sunny I usually keep my eyes closed. It's a curse. Sometimes my fingers get chapped from sliding over my taunt nipples. Message me for my address so that you can help protect me from drones!

  8. 2:48 To those wondering why that 'code' is on the front of the drone: In order to commercially fly and/or operate a drone under .55 lbs (250 grams), you must register it with the FAA, and part of the registration process has you put a given code on an external face of the drone. Hence, the numbers and letters.

  9. i’m doing research on these drones because on a bike ride around my neighborhood with my friend a drone chased us. every time we would go faster so would the drone and same for when we stopped. it was really scary and we were worried about being kidnapped. being two teenage girls it was especially concerning

  10. Sometimes the drone roams my backyard and flies on top of my house for 1 to 2 minutes. It's really annoying and scary, these things should be banned. I was outside at the time and no curtains to help me.

  11. As usual going to the dam extreme! How about looking at the good drones are doing just once. As usual you stoop the the lowest of low and sensationalize the BS that a few sick minds have done. Working with amazon or several others to make it commercial drones only? Sure seems that way. Investigate further next time

  12. I found good way to deal with them was good catapult 9mm steel though half inch steel ball is more satisfying….of course this is only if your privacy is compromised

  13. Don't let this newscaster freak you out. They like to exaggerate what's going on. You're more likely to be spied on by someone with a phone.

    Here is a real video not made by fake news that shows how close a drone actually has to be and how little one can actually see.

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