Samsung Galaxy S6 – Review

Samsung Galaxy S6 - Review

The Samsung Galaxy S6 goes on sale today but does it live up to the hype? Here’s our review.


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  1. i love my S6, all though i wish i wouldve went with the S5, simply for the fact that if the battery ever messes up u can just order one on amazon and take ur old battery out n put the new one in and ur good to go, but all in all my S6 battery is decent but i do stay on my phone bout all the time except for when its charging

  2. I am puzzled as to why so many reviewers emphasize such qualities as case materials, design, and "premium look and feel" in their reviews. In the real world qualities such as those are irrelevant because people use CASES. This is especially true for users of phones that have metal frames. Those phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S6, are more fragile and prone to breakage than their plastic counterparts like the Samsung Galaxy S5. That increases the need for a protective case.

    Since the physical "look and feel" of a phone is largely invisible to those who use a case, the only real advantage of the unibody metal phones would be for those who like to carry heavier phones or want it to be impossible to replace the battery or add memory

  3. I have this s6 in pearl white 32gb version and it's phenomenal best phone I have ever purchased better then any iPhone and it's future proof price is a issue but considered minimum of 32gb and the performance you won't be disappointed along with the premium quality feeling it's a joy to own

  4. No exchangeable battery anymore, no SD card slot anymore.
    These are substantial steps back in terms of customer friendliness – admittedly something the likes of Apple never had anyway.
    Still it should have been part of this "raving" review

  5. Samsung has won me over with the S6 when I upgrade in January next year it's a toss up between the S6 and M9 I currently use an iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6s will be underwhelming and be honest I want to try Android even though I'm comfortable with iOS I also own an iPad Air.

  6. The Samsung Galaxy s6 looks great but, most of it is copied by iPhone and sorry but the iPhone is still the best phone you'll get, user friendly, reliable, better performance and camera and better battery life whether you Samsung fans agree or not I don't care I was once a Samsung Galaxy phone owner and it was good for a while and what you'll notice is the phone starts to lag a lot and the battery life tends to drain a year or two, since upgrading from the samshit phone to the iPhone 6 I've had no trouble with it and most will say you can't customise shit here or there on it but for me and most the iPhone does its job and whatever they do first Samsung copy fact!! iPhone and iPads all the way ?

  7. The battery isn't that bad. Check out the battery tests on websites it even beats the iphone 6 plus. Don't forget that the phone has an AMOLED display and a 14 nm chip which both reduce battery consumption.

  8. @TechRadar i have z1 and i wanna change it…should i go for s6 or wait for z4?(i dont wanna buy a new smartphone with worse camera than the previous one…)what do u think?

  9. the whole s6 redesign looks like crap. I liked it the other way where you had an option to change the battery if you wanted to the s6 is going to suck balls

  10. So how would this compare to the One M9? Because my S4 is in the shitter now and I'm looking to upgrade to something new rather than a new upgrade model of the same phone.

  11. Battery life is better then i6
    Although they should have stick with 1080p
    They can just do other things to improve like brightness level, color saturation level; which they did

  12. everything you see could be on s5 but its marketing …  like windows vista and then the windows 7 came  except the processor couldnt exist last year i saw galaxy note 5 thats one hell of a fkin phone 10 times better faster etc etc like really look at it octacore 2.9ghz ! 4000mah battery 18mp rear facing camera  and a 4k screen not  uhd  really 4k 761 ppi  hope it goes out soon although 4k is one hell of a big screen fk battery

  13. great Review.
    I think the battery life isn´t that good but impressive as well because they ahve installed newer Hardware a much higher Resolution Screen and reduced the battery capacity and it is still as good as the s5 s.
    Kinda impressive like I said…

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