Sony Xperia Z5 – Review

Sony Xperia Z5 - Review

The Xperia Z5 is a huge improvement on the Xperia Z3+ with a new fingerprint sensor and a sexy design, but there are still a few little issues stopping it from …


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  1. I've been wanting this phone since launch. Couldn't afford it back then because I was a student. But know priced at a little over 100usd in Philippines, I'll be getting it basically just for nostalgia and to just possess this dream phone that I've been longing for. I'm using a galaxy note 10 so I just want this for the feeling. Haha! Hello 2020! Hope everyone is safe! ?✌

  2. Bought a used Z5 in mint condition few months ago it's 2019 and still feels like it launched yesterday. Sony and Motorola the 2 best companies in phone world. Nokia sadly out of the competition. Stupid are those who but apple and samsung LOL. Sony for life video liked.

  3. I loved this phone when I first saw it, but when I bought it after a year it gave me the most headaches I've ever had with any phone so I literally just gave it away.

  4. i sold this phone & bought s9plus.
    i have used this phone for 2 yrs & it was really good experience but the heating issue is bad even if i watch YouTube for a bit long time it gets heated…

  5. my sony xperia z5 got damaged the lcd. when i replaced it, when calling the screen goes black and it gives problems to stop making the call as the screen is still blank. what can i do

  6. Z5 is an excellent phone . it has two bad problems though , I'm on my second Z5. my second Z5 is in for repair, they do heat up when using for a period of time ,, both of my phones had a charging problem , either not charging or or just intermittently charging , camera is excellent .I moved from an iPhone to Z5.due to the extra memory slot ,but saying now that the iPhones are after increasing their memory Im tempted to go back to iPhone 8. any advice ????

  7. Everyone is hating this phone. It's worked great for me for 3 years. I even managed to run over it with my 5000 lb car with no case and the screen was fine

  8. world wast phone In Sony brand be cause no tempard glass no back cover no net work coverage I have so many problems in this phone Sony z5 dual plz don't wast money friends

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