Bitcoin: Final Milestones

Bitcoin: Final Milestones

There are a few final milestones that we would like to see Bitcoin surpass. Can we make it? In this video we talk about some of these final milestones and …


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  2. Ben is, as always, right Dont sleep on Alts. Imagine this is it, which it well.. probably, most probably is…: confirmation of bull run 2.0, BTC to lets say over 80k. Then Alts at some point will go beyond their old ATHs at some point in the future, maybe 3 months,maybe 5 months, we dont know, but we know the moment will come. Btc shows the way, Eth follows, other Alts follow afterwards. And you still can buy them relatively cheap right now, at least most of them. You dont wanna miss that.

  3. Btc close today is a pretty big one, these levels of 43.5-45.5 are a big resistance to btc with various kind of TA weather its SMA'S for ben VPVR for me and list can go on, btc being the mathematical miracle plays out key resistances and supports like this there is always so much cluster of various TA whenever btc does something significant??

  4. Yo man, there are a lot of warning signs in asset investing at the moment. BTC will go up but i believe not in the coming run. First it will test the 10k to 20k levels.

  5. More I watch TA videos, more I'm convinced is just waste of time. Always they predict all directions, thereafter they'll tell you "as predicted in my last video…."

  6. Last episode the 20 WSMA was the “end boss” we reached that and today the 200 DSMA is the end boss. What will be the end boss in the next episode Bearjamin?

  7. PMSL that has got to be the funniest sales patter I have ever heard and you had me laughing out loud. Clearly you are not the driving force behind this T-shirt sales effort.

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