Bitcoin rallies, hits highest level since mid-May

Bitcoin rallies, hits highest level since mid-May

The market’s reacting in part to news from the Senate’s bipartisan infrastructure negotiations, which touch on crypto regulation and bitcoin, Kate Rooney says.


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  1. Gold has been around for thousands of years. Bitcoin about 10. It sounds like a lot of people have no vision. I bet it was the same when the wheel was invented.

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  3. This guest has no idea what he's talking about. A simple lookup of what Bitcoin can do would give numerous utilities. All I'm hearing from him is, "I bought some, wish I bought more, fud fud fud, I lack understanding, don't push the price up please."
    Don't bring this guy on please. If you want a real expert, get an og crypto nerd that knows the tech, pretty much anyone before 2016 will be better than this guy.

  4. They tell their viewers not to invest why they're investing making millions and there's actually some of your words that listen to them that's how stupid they are

  5. The news they get dumber and dumber as the day goes by and they think we fought for their dumb stuff everybody I know does the opposite of what the news says that shows you how much nobody likes the news

  6. Gold has no utility other than space ships and electrical wiring when our currency is no longer back by gold so lmao……man BTC is going to the Moon and any1 thats smart will have a little bit of ETH and any of the other top 10 for the ride as well. You dont need everything in BTC if end up making a million with all ur Crypto combined lmao

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