ESPN Esports League of Legends Global Power Rankings – February 5th, 2019

ESPN Esports League of Legends Global Power Rankings - February 5th, 2019

ESPN’s Emily Rand joins Phil Murphy to break down the top 5 teams in League of Legends for our global power rankings during 2019 spring split.


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  1. Im sorry but sandbox not being in the top 5 is disgusting. Suning is not a top 5 world team jeez the bais is insane. Griffin dropped a game in their series against sandbox for the first time in the season

  2. I don't really watch much LPL, so I can't really argue much. I don't think any western team should be in the top 5, but I think with G2 performances, it could lead to a discussion as why they aren't in the top 5. With the LPL's performance at worlds, I find it hard to believe that the improved G2 isn't better than some of their tops?

  3. I can't say I'm suprised by these rankings considering ESPN has only been paying attention to e-sports for a very short period of time. Wasn't too long ago that ESPN analysts were mocking e-sports and their president said they weren't sports. You guys have come a long way but you still have a long, long way to go.

  4. Hey ESPN esports! Wanted to thank you guys for doing these comparisons and videos. Highly underrated channel that I feel needs a lot more viewership!

    I feel like it was an accurate display of power rankings. I have been following LCK mainly, and their teams are definitely not there yet. The scores speak for themselves when you’re looking at who is separating from the pack. Most of the LCK teams are all over the place, and have the same team comp each match, and the players seem lost a lot of the times.

    I’m hoping LCK can move up, but they definitely need a lot of clean up to be considered majority top 5 team

  5. So do we not remember Western teams dominating the east at worlds? G2 and TL are definitely top contenders, but I assume they won't be on your list until MSI. Also, work on your production quality/script… Very VERY cheesy.

  6. I have a feeling a lot of people commenting don't watch LPL. It's all super teams this year. FPX def overhyped, TOP too. But neither is lower than 9th AT WORST. I'd probably sub in Sandbox and G2/TL but these Chinese teams have a really strong case too.

  7. I don't even think the most biased chinese analysts would say 4/5 of the top 5 teams are from LPL… G2 was 3rd best at worlds and got massive upgrades. Schalke also is looking pretty scary

  8. I dont understand why there are set teams that can be chosen…its bs. Some of the top teams arent even a option? Why limit like this..get it together espn if you want to really dabble in esports..

  9. Imagine thinking 4 of out the 5 best teams in the world are lpl even though the lpl were one game away from not getting a single team past the quarters at worlds. Awful list

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