Top 5 Best Agricultural Drone 2019 – World Amazing Modern Agriculture

Need an agriculture drone? Watch this video to learn about leading agricultural drone, quadcopter, UAVs from Sensefly, Lancaster, DJI , Parrot, Ageagle for …


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  1. i am not even a min into the video and it's horrible… i don't even know what's in it but it's narrated horribly… please make it better if you have a good information

  2. Don't phase out the ag-pilot. Aerial spraying is faster and more efficient than using a ground rig any day and you don't get plant destruction from where the ground rig drove through the crop.

  3. I found this video confusing by the fact you have a voice over with differing text at the same time. One or the other please, then I might subscribe!

  4. unfortunately I've had a bad experience with the ebee sq. the autopilot goes out of control and often loses the signal. Do you have any experience or comment with this?

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