HTC Vive Pro Eye Hands-On: Eye tracking technology in virtual reality

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  1. Funny how back then we thought what we’d be using eye tracking for.
    2021: we want our avatars to move their eyes

  2. Can I have a setting that makes the right display just super low definition so I'm not wasting GPU power on my eye that is blind except for peripheral vision?

  3. it's a shame this isnt standard with all headsets. It wouldn't be difficult to slap a camera on the inside of the headset, and then chuck some more software on the headset as well.

  4. Probably if you do the upgrade lens on the viv pro regular you can probably see as clear as the vive pro eye that's what i heard from someone just saying

  5. Hope there is a eye tracking version of the Cosmo, because if there is one thing i hate, its reading something in VR, that teck would be sweet.

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