Buying Bitcoin, Zero Regrets! [Crypto News 2021]

Buying Bitcoin, Zero Regrets! [Crypto News 2021]

Buying Bitcoin, zero regrets! Bitcoin analysis, and crypto news 2021! BYBIT TRADE BTC $1600 FREE ▻▻ WEALTH MASTERY …


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  1. The point is to muscle out the current average user, and allow the institutions to take control over future governance decisions. You can’t have John or Jane Citizen making governance decisions on blockchain projects institutions want to be involved in.

  2. This guy knows what he's talking about. Watching his videos all summer, he held firm while the bearish news rambled on. Now prices are confirming Lark is the real deal. Disregard him at your peril.

  3. Any guess about the market top this bull cycle, I would like to believe that market won’t top out like previous cycles and continue to rise for years to come, of course with some turbulence

  4. Another great video Lark!! I live in Texan and the governor is trying to make mining huge here. The USA is going to take over the mining of btc someday soon. Solarmoon is a US based project that will be mining using clean solar energy! Striking while the iron is hit ?

  5. Don’t appease the spergs. If anyone has made it this far in the game and freak out when you point out an obvious correction coming, they’re retards and deserve to lose their money to learn their own lessons.

  6. In this bull run alone, we've had multiple rising wedges break to the upside. DCA is everyone's best friend. Just buy with what you can lose and hodl until you are ready to cash out. That all said. My gut tells me we pull back in this case. Guess I'm just saying don't be surprised when btc ignores TA lmao

  7. Even if you bought at the last all-time high (approx $65,000) nobody will be regretting buying and holding after the next two Bitcoin halvings which will happen in approximately 3 and 7 years' time – The resulting supply squeeze is going to push the prices to crazy levels – happy days!

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