The True All-Screen Smartphone is Here…

The Vivo Apex smartphone is a glimpse into the future. The iPhone X has the notch and the Galaxy S9 has more bezel. The Vivo Apex is the closest thing to an …


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  1. I would love this I basically only use my phone for calls texts etc but mainly for YouTube and Netflix I need this

  2. The ideal phone I will never have. Vivo really gotta relaunch this phone. After iPhone 12 this kind of flat screen and flatsided desing will be trending.

  3. POINTLESS, if the status bar and those static icons and the time stay in a black bar atop of every full screen app though! All that screen and that annoying status bar doesn't hide every single time to give me true all screen experience for the premium money I put up. Common !

  4. Apple: Wait Wait how did you make a all screen phone? You not suppouse to do that! We wish for a all screen phone but we had a notch because this was a compermise and for to put all the important things. So, HOW DID YOU DID THAT?!?!?!?!?!?
    VVoltApex: Well I just removed the entire bezel and all the important things are still there. Guess what?
    Apple: What?
    VivoApex: My os is your worst nightmare..
    Apple: Screams
    VivoApex: Hahahahaha i got you whinyworm on your head donkey hahahahahahaha!
    Apple: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  5. "a hundred thousand actuation" lol If you took 30 selfies a day, every day, 365 days a year, and if for some reason you opened the camera and closed it on every single one, you'd have to do this for a decade to reach that many actuation. The phone will be obsolete in less than half that time.

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