Top 5 Best Wood Log Splitter You Need To See

Top 5 Best Wood Log Splitter You Need To See – Watch the top performing gas and electric wood splitters on the market.Wood chopping is just another task …


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  1. Just bought a Country Pro from L&M for $800 25-ton just used it today for the first time and it blows all of these on the video right out of the water

  2. I have the yardmax 35 ton, been using it two years now and not a hick-up! I have been cutting 38"x20" fir with pie pan knots and this machine walks right through them. No way could I musel logs like that on to a kinetic splitter. My wife can't keep up with the stacking right now, don't know how i could use anymore speed.

  3. Why does everyone split the wood so small? I like them big so I can throw them in before work and have the house still warm when I come back 10 hours later.

  4. Sites like this are just a way of someone making money by adding a link to Amazon so they can get a small rebate for referring you to Amazon. They don’t actually test the product and I have found a lot of these “review sites” are run by foreigners. To the people who made this video: shame on you for putting profits over people. There are people who will actually believe your recommendations and purchase one of these product. Like the Yardmax splitter. Has anyone checked the Yardmax real reviews? I wouldn’t buy one now. Based on the reoccurring themes that people wrote about.
    Again, sites like this should be barred.

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