Firefighters vs drone: Camera drone attacked & damaged by fire hose-wielding firefighter – TomoNews

Firefighters vs drone: Camera drone attacked & damaged by fire hose-wielding firefighter - TomoNews

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA — The owner of a drone says he’s thousands of dollars out of pocket after firefighters at the scene of a house fire attacked his …


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  1. FF should not act like hey are judge and jury. When a drone does somehow interfere with firefighting, let the cops deal with that issue. Focus on your job and stay save.

  2. Crazy, regardless of the drone possibly breaking the law, something that is debated, hosing the drone was irresponsible on the fireman's part, doing so could have easily caused the drone to lose control and possibly hit someone causing injury. I know someone here in the UK who was filming a massive fire near me several years ago, the fireman approached him and before long the fire chief was also there watching his video stream to guide the fireman on the ground on how best to put the fire out. He went from being an bystander just filming, to playing an important role in helping put the fire out. it was a large gorse bush fire.

  3. It is Federal law that you cannot film another residence without their consent so when you were recording this fire and their residence you were violating federal law. It is listed in the user manual of any drone any one buys on the market. It is also against DOT regulations that you cannot fly a drone above a certain rate or weight over public roads as it is a distraction to drivers. Again these are some of the regulations listed in the user manuals that come with the purchase of a drone.

  4. The firefighters involved, including supervisors, should be fired and prosecuted. According to federal law, the FAA has complete authority over U.S. airspace, from the ground up. According to federal law, it is illegal to take any action interfere with any aircraft's flight. This includes damage with firearms, jamming remote control systems, or doing anything to impede its operation. Shooting down a drone is as legal as shooting down a Cessna or an F-35C. It is best to refrain. A drone might be annoying, even intrusive. But getting oneself in criminal and civil hot water at the federal level is unwise.

  5. use common sense and be cognizant of the more important issue of the firefighters – don't be a distraction to them. I can see how a drone could be very useful tool
    for the fire department though. 🙂

  6. Okay, so if the drone was invading privacy and you spray it with a fire hose and damage it, I guess the fire fighters have to use that hose and spray it at the thousands of reporters and journalists that are already at the scene because of a privacy invasion.

  7. I'd have to say the firemen were wrong. I mean what was the man hurting. Fires are dil went news crews all the time. I think they should be made to buy him another drone

  8. Firefighters have gotten away with breaking people's car windows who parked in front of a fire hydrant (even when there's enough room to route the water hose!), and people would 'turn a blind eye' towards this….BUT, spraying a quad-copter just because it's peacefully filming (a Constitutional Right, btw), is like turning the hoses on a person just because he's peaceful protesting (another Constitutional Right, btw). The rookie/amateur firefighter got TOTALLY carried away in what his job duties is, and probably thinking just because he can break windows from the house that's on fire, that he can ALSO shoot the water at other people's private property! THAT FIREFIGHTER WAS TOTALLY IN THE WRONG!
    And, the excuses such as 'Well, MAYBE there MIGHT be a lot more of this…', or 'It COULD cause people to POTENTIALLY be afraid of that…', those excuses are garbage! No Rights should be restricted because of 'speculation'

  9. Great! Stop chasing ambulances and fire trucks. When drones fly, emergency aircraft cannot fly and will not be there if needed. Maybe your star flight or life flight grounded. Air tankers grounded during California fires a week ago. Grow up.

  10. Great fun. When drones fly, service aircraft do Not fly. Your star flight just got cancelled because of dummy’s drone. Funniest thing ai have seen.

  11. if i am on the ground i can see only in 2 dimensions, the third one is very restricted. i see the photographer, i can imagine what he's shooting at … I CAN AVOID IT.
    a drone is different, can see so much more and i can't see what is in it's focus. i can't avoid it, i don't like it, therefore … BANG!

  12. A person filming at a distance. Firefighters don't care.
    A drone filming from the same distance. Firefighters care alot.
    Not to mention, water applies to gravity, so it eventually comes down. And if it hit a powerline, there's a possibility he and the transformer of the powerline could get hurt.
    There was no reason to spray it while worrying about a fire.

  13. I look at it like this. Would the U.S. government allow a North Korean drone to fly over a city? Or to make a more fair comparison, would that man be allowed to fly his drone over the White House? If not then what gives that man the right to fly his drone over someone else's property? If I see a drone flying over my house I will shoot it down and I'm keeping it.

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