AR vs VR | What are Virtual and Augmented Realities? | @edureka!

AR vs VR | What are Virtual and Augmented Realities? | @edureka!

Edureka Online Training: ** ) This video will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of both of these trending …


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  1. Your video helps me understand the difference between the two better! Really help in my studies!!! Thank you ♥

  2. AR & VR are both very good graphics that are changing this World, Now AR and VR can never interact with one another, for that is knocking at dangers door…then again if you did combine both of them I can see it working still either as an AR or VR set at once…by that, I mean you could be playing a game on VR yet you remembered that you have to give another person info on next weeks party, so you just click or press a button on the side of your glasses or on the screen that you see, and the game you were playing freezes and is stored away until you reuse the VR part of the glasses again, and Visser verser, if you are to busy with work and everything is going exactly how you wanted it to go, yet you just wanted a break from the AR life, just click the button and you are back in the VR surroundings, leaving your AR world alone until you visit it again.

  3. VR will certainly grow more towards reality as the graphics are getting better day by day. There is a very high possibility that you might not be able to differentiate between virtual and real. As talking about AR, we already have reality there , we just add virtual elements to it. It has it's own advantages too.

  4. I love both ar and vr but i like virtual reality better augmented reality because i'm a fan of virtual reality i know everyone is saying vr is not going to big like ar i just think vr won't be huge right up there anytime soon until in the near fear future it may not happen in are life time

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