Sonic Colors: Ultimate Video Review

Sonic Colors: Ultimate Video Review

Sonic Colors: Ultimate adds a pretty substantial amount of new content, though none of it really elevates overall experience beyond what it was on the Wii.


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  1. Thank you for making an actual review and saying reasons why to get it instead of only focusing on the downsides and past failing to make it seam like the game is a horrible tragedy like sonic 06

  2. Omg finally, I’ve seen so many people that hate sonic just cuz they like Mario, look, we can like both and not hate the other, and review fairly on all games
    Example: Nathaniel bandy

  3. Sonic the hedgehog 2006 has many great things in it (that is overlooked by some people). IGN should really stop to always try to bash this game. The IGN review of this game (sonic 2006) was unfair just like the sonic unleashed one.

  4. Hire This Man For Every Review on Sonic, Have Him vouch for the Hedgehog, AND PROMOTE HIM FOR BEING THE ONLY IGN EMPLOYEE WITH BRAIN CELLS.

    (This is a joke btw.)

  5. Wisps being the only thing that separates this game from all the other mainline Sonic the Hedgehog games is literally not true at all. HELLO? Sonic Generations? Sonic Forces?

  6. if unleashed gets remastered, they gonna overhaul the werehog stages
    the day stages, with some tweaks to the drift and re mapping the homing attack, will be fine as they are

  7. IGN 2012: " Sonic Unleashed? it's worse than Sonic 06, although everyone says Sonic unleashed was the best sonic experience since sonic adventure 1 and 2."

    IGN 2021: a review that really makes sense with the reality about Sonic

    Finally IGN, hope you learned from your mistakes.

  8. Nice review but can we please stop talking about sonic 06, that was literally 15 years ago now. I'm pretty sure the horse has been beaten to ashes at this point.

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