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  1. Have no probs with plastic phones at all seeing as they are going to be put in some kind of case, i wish companies would put powerful stuff on the inside and leave the high cost aluminium casing off a few models, not everyone can afford expensive contracts or phones , and it looks like Sony can do both..a nice looking phone but at a good price point…

  2. I've owned this phone since November and I'm delighted with it! Takes great pictures and video, music sounds awesome and it looks great. One point however – if you have a black one, get a good silicone cover for it, as the back is a fingerprint magnet! Summary: BRILLIANT PHONE!!

  3. instead of that flap, they should provide a press-release ejection tray mechanism. The bezels should be even narrower. The company just saves money here. Its a descent phone, but not up to the mark.

  4. I own Asus Zenfone 4 and i like this phone but i'm worried because of that nano-sim! i picked LG Magna because of more affordable price and removable battery + micro-sim! am i going to the right way? please help me do LG Magna is a worthy upgrade for my Asus Zenfone 4?

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