The Biggest Game Releases of September 2021

The Biggest Game Releases of September 2021

While we can’t believe September is already here, it is! So that means we have a whole new list of upcoming games to look forward to. Get ready for a month jam …


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  1. *Pinned comment*
    Hey there! So turns out, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown does in fact release on September 22nd. Unfortunately, we were a year off. The game doesn't release until September 22nd, 2022!! Sorry about that.

    Alright, luckily that's all we have to apologize for! …..wait hold on, seems like we also missed two games entirely. While Life is Strange: True Colors was delayed to later this year on Nintendo Switch, it's still releasing on every other platform on September 10th. And also, remember last month when our August video went live with Kena: Bridge of Spirits as one of the biggest games, and then it got delayed days later? Well, it's coming out this month on September 21st! So that's exciting!

  2. I hate modern gaming "journalism" and no longer expose myself to it, but this came on autoplay and I kept watching it.

    Whoever this is might actually be the last real classic games journalist. The style and tone is 100% spot-on from the great video game mags of the 90s. It's funny, lighthearted, enthusiastic, and shows a good spread of everything. Does this guy have a channel?

  3. Not a bad review but don’t make fun of a sport just because you can’t play it…that’s so not cool the video game may be repetitive but you can’t make fun of the sport….

  4. My dude Max always got on the most 90s lookin' shirts lol! As a person born in '82 and grew up in the 90s, wore alotta those shirts myself I must say dope ass shirts Max!? Takes me back everytime u wear one of those homie.

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