Huawei Ascend W1 Hands On Review

Huawei Ascend W1 Hands On Review

Huawei Ascend W1 Hands On Review: The Huawei Ascend W1 was unvelied earlier this year as the firm’s first Windows Phone 8 device. But is it any good?


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  1. @kanishq ruhil What Huawei actually really lacks compared to Nokia when it comes to WP is in custom software.  Nokia has all those customizations and applications that make WP better (or gimmicks depending on your POV).  Huawei does not, so your Huawei WP is mostly stock WP.  But that too has its own advantages, like getting updates faster than Nokia (Amber/GDR2 for Lumia was released 3-4 months after I got my W1 preinstalled with GDR2).

  2. I find the Microsoft sync software to be limited with the phone. Is there a better way to transfer music. The phone itself is very good.

  3. Is this phone's notification light supposed to flash whenever you get a call or message because mine doesn't. It only lights up when charging. I was wondering if anybody here could shed some light on this since I can't seem to find out about it anywhere on the web.

  4. Nokia Lumia 520 Because even thought the Huawei ascend has a bigger screen and battery life 460 h Stand-by and Up to 8 h talk time. The Nokia has free music and battery life 14 40min talk time,but the battery life stand-by 330h(Who really leaves there phone for 330h anyway).The Nokia has double the GB storage at 8gb.

  5. looks pretty awesome a bit radical microsoft teamed up with a chinese phone company, how awesome is that of them huh. huawei are in a scandal here at the moment still to do with the css but won't stop me from buying this phone if i can get it included in a good deal somewhere. i might have to go to the big cities to find them, i won't around here. might be more helpful to me to connect my operating systems, xbox 360 then huawei ascend in to home network. thanks for the review guys.

  6. hmmh calls sound totally fine for me with this phone.. i have no regrets getting it.. amazing performance for the price, looks nice and windows 8 phone os.. i got to admit, works amazing! 🙂

  7. A little extra on the pros: you get these handy softwares such onenote and office out of the box. And this phone handles it incredibly well. The cons: If you haven't got a WP before, you will need internet to understand how to change some settings, everything won't be self explanatory or clear at first use but when you'll handle it youll realise how smart it is built. You don't have tons of apps in the store (150.000 vs 450.000 for android) but hey… it's WP, check on internet for more apps 🙂

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