IGN Reviews – Lost Planet 3 – Review

IGN Reviews - Lost Planet 3 - Review

It tells a good story and mixes up combat with a giant mech, but Lost Planet 3 is just too inconsistent.


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  1. What a harsh review. Yes, it’s not perfect, but it’s extremely fun and has a great great story, and the soundtrack is amazing. @ign, if you don’t want to review the games or look for the last of us in every single game, you’ll always be disappointed. It is a solid 8 despite its flaws because it’s extremely fun.

  2. WOW… I was going through memory lane and I recalled how cool Lost Planet 2 was and said " I wounder if there's any news on a sequel" and then realized that there WAS a Lost Planet 3 and it was soo mediocre I forgot it even existed. Now that's a bloody shame

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