THIS is what the Near-Future of Virtual Reality looks like

THIS is what the Near-Future of Virtual Reality looks like

Hello! Today I am taking a look at the HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition. This headset has full Tobii eye tracking, face tracking, and a heartrate monitor and the …


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  1. Even if it is a work in progress, VRSS is still the most exciting and readily useful feature here (on paper), so I do hope eye tracking becomes standard if only just for that. Considering how amazing DLSS is at this point, I'm pretty sure Nvidia is more than capable of producing a really excellent final version of the software, but I'd wager it will still be a bit while adoption catches up to warrant more RND into it.

  2. This is what I've been waiting for, finally a vr headset with facial expression tracking so the avatar can mimic your face irl. Just got to wait for it to become mainstream and cheaper lol. ?

  3. Now i realize why in proshop same model hp was about 1300€ that's cool but i wouldn't upgrade mine to omnicept edition because i think my pc have too much tasks to do face, eye and heart rate tracking so i think this kind of headset fits for content creators

  4. nvidia vr dlss is cool (performance issues notwithstanding). but! could we get some coverage of the amd fsr openvr mod? i've been using it on my vive pro at native resolution, 0.77 renderScale, 0.9 sharpness, and 0.5 radius. absolutely loving the results. really smoothing out frame timings when in lower fps situations.

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  6. Yeah, I'll pass on facial tracking… Just gonna try and get a Reverb G2 and a capable GPU. I don't need games monitoring where I'm looking, for maximum defecation. I just need to see clearly and be able to move how I want.

  7. I imagine vrss will be similar to dlss in the respect that the data collected helps make the service much better. Since VR is much much smaller in general and we dont really have any headsets that support it the data collected by nvidia is super small so I will probably take alot longer for this to advance and be as good as dlss is now. the beginning of dlss was just as rough and it had almost every nvidia rtx card to sample from to collect data.

  8. I haven't been recommended anything from you in a while and actually had to search for your channel to find some VR news. I gave the video a like and leaving a comment now for the algorithm.

  9. @ThrillSeeker So I clicked on the last two videos of yours but couldn't watch them yesterday, so when I woke up today and went to watch them the one about bytedance was set to private, that's odd, so I went to the web archive and watched the video, I see its controversial topics but why did you set it to private? I thought you say what you want and stand behind what you said, but apparently, that's not the case.

  10. No one should be excited about face tracking it literally adds nothing to your VR experience heartbeat monitors are not necessarily A much-needed futuristic adaptation or feature that we actually need. Eye tracking is probably the only thing relative to the future of VR when it comes to much needed features if we can have eye tracking with forvered rendering that itself would be an improvement but the future of VR you really f*** up you're just a sellout dude the future of VR is better to lenses quality of life features that immerse yourself into the environment not a f**** heartbeat monitor LOL this channel's dying and it gets paid a good amount of money because almost every video is a f**** sponsor and he doesn't even tell you that's how sneaky this guy is

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