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  1. when ign rates something low its an instanbuy in most of the cases… And its one of those cases… its a grest rpg game and you should play it

  2. When did Witcher become an RPG? Characteristics don't influence outcomes. It's an open world adventure game with stats, like Elder Scrolls for example.

  3. Reviewer goes to a boss fight undergeared and underleveled and complains game is too hard in a RPG game…
    Who gave this guy a job…
    With a little bit of side-questing and exploration you can almost one shot most main story content in the game, he struggled so much against. But no, he wanted to rush an open world game that does not have lvl scaling of enemies.
    This guy is a moron…

  4. Got it 2 days ago, 10€ offer and loving it!I am not sure I would have liked it this much if I spent 70€ on it.Then again I never spend more than 50 on games..I buy genres that I personally enjoy after reading the reviews of 3 or 4 sources and I complete them…So I almost always like what I play ?

  5. Did anyone notice him fighting a guy wit the skull above the head of the enemy which usually means YOUR UNDER LEVELED for this guy rn ?? it’s funny cuz he was talking about how hard it is too kill enemies as he’s fighting someone way stronger than him

  6. It is not bad balance, just you aren't supposed to go fighting strong mosters when you are a weakling, you have to level up and then you are able to kill them with 1-2 shots. This is a concept I like in all PB games, the monsters don't level up, they are as they are and you have to progres in areas depending on how strong you are. It is not a disadvantage, rather the oposite. What's the point in becoming very strong when all the monsters become strong too and that just feels unrewarding. While in this system you actually feel when you get stronger, you can fight stronger enemies that would tear you apart at first.

  7. Elex is one of the best open world games out there. Exploration is fun as hell. The quests are great. Feeling of progression is better than in any AC game out there (I finished them all as a huge fan).

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