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  1. For me from the best:
    1. Assassin's creed 3
    2. Assassin's creed 2
    3. Assassin's creed black flag
    4. Assassin's creed unity
    5. Assassin's creed origin
    6. Assassin's creed brotherhood
    7. Assassin's creed Syndicate
    8. Assassin's creed odyssey
    9. Assassin's creed rogue
    10. Assassin's creed Revelations
    One more game(assassin's creed 1) and I complete all of the assassin's creed series

  2. Ac Revelations 9,5 it would have been 10 if the map was better and if they removed tower defense, AC black flag 9.5 love that game, AC Origins 10/10 my fav AC game perfect story about how the Assassins and Templar’s were created. The Assassin’s A.K.A the hidden one’s?

  3. Man what a disasterous ratings… The best games of the franchise (AC Triology and Black flag) got ratings below 9 and Odyssey got 9.2 which is not even "Assassin's" Creed anymore?.

  4. and THIS is why Ubisoft doesn’t stick with the old formula, people. refer anyone to this video that still suggests Ubi stick with basic stealth assassination gameplay in 2020. they get reviewed worse, sell worse…there’s literally zero incentive to Ubisoft to ever regress to a dated formula.

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