Genshin Impact Review

Genshin Impact Review

Genshin Impact reviewed by Travis Northup on PC, PlayStation 4, and mobile. #ign #gaming.


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  1. Also, 5 stars are supposed to be hella rare, but really powerfull character, the game's balanced in a way so that players should have 1 or 2 five stars, and they made some of the 4 stars hella powerfull so that free to play players aren't missing out

  2. this game is for people who will never get laid and if they do the girl will be a joke who is over 160lbs with trucker arms and bright green hair congrats to anyone who actually plays such an insulting game.

  3. The ability to swap between characters is cool but not at all innovative. People have sadly forgotten the NOT masterpiece that was the 2006 Bionicle HEROES game (seriously, that game makes CP2077 look polished!) which also area-locked your progress unless you could solve puzzles with the characters available to you.

  4. Its actually much closer to the lesser known game, "SOAIF" if not exactly the same with all the abilities, cute girls and all the attacks down to the smaller details like movements and attacks. SAOIF came out around the same time as Zelda BOTW so yeah.

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