iPhone 13: the END of Android?

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  1. Dear presenter, must you be so loud? You're not struggling to be heard over a crackly international call to somewhere without infrastructure. Also, there's word count and pacing. The pace of your speech makes Robert Downey Jnr look sedate. Less is more. Something Rene Ritchie is yet to learn, too. MKBHD is the benchmark for a reason.

  2. Big question is how many updates until they slow down the device enough where you have to buy a new one… sorry i still cant see the advantages of switching to ios. Their cruddy business practices have turned me off to ever buying another iphone. Not to mention my s21 ultra has everything i need.

  3. I guess companies will have to start innovating in gimmics or diferent ways to interact with phones rather than adding more power or camera lensses in the back of the smart phones. I think samsung understood that and is going in the foldable direction for now, which to be honest, is working! I just bought a z flip 3, and i'm not a smart phone lover!

  4. the note 20 ultra shat all over the ipoo 12 xD its cameras, the DEX function, all the Spen functions, the fact it included headphones and a charger, apples that trash now, its just a fashion statement or used by business for the security, android can even copy the launcher and make an android phone look identical in the terms of using IOS

  5. Next video should be titled : Will be this one the end of …Apple? . Apple is not doing nothing new since years, only a small upgrade and the outside and is all. Putting all these crazy awesome phone like Galaxy z Fold , Oppo rollable, etc next to iPhone just really make iPhone looks like a old potato from 2000.

  6. People that avoid apple don't do it because it's a slow phone. They avoid it because of the company's way of locking in their customers, now allowing 3rd party repair and lying to their customers.

    Unless that has changed, I don't see myself going to apple anytime soon

  7. I have android and apple ? both of the are great phones in their own way Respect both, it's always for rich people to get apple , I respect all should get the phone for their communication it's not for instagrammers only ,it's for communication to help the community I do respect android for that

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