What El Salvador's Bitcoin Experiment Looks Like | WSJ

What El Salvador's Bitcoin Experiment Looks Like | WSJ

El Salvador became the first country in the world to adopt bitcoin as its national currency, allowing people to use a digital wallet to pay for everyday goods.


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  1. WSJ is peddeling pure propeganda. Bitcoin is gonna win … Bitcoin going to put an end to the gatekeepers of finance. Why do you need a bank when you can be your own.
    Look what Bitcoin has accomplished … ALL without your permission. Bitcoin is proof of FREEDOM !!

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  3. Is there somewhere in the bitcoin wallet that gives the average price you bought it at?? If so, as long as you don't put in more than you can afford, you only shop or use funds from that account if the market price is higher. If not use the other currency.

  4. once again El Salvador making the biggest mistake for the poor public, just like they decided to transfer from colones to dollars…. Making drug deal money easier to transfer.

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  6. Why bother with outdated Bitcoin? It did it’s job as a proof of concept and trailblazer. But tech wise it’s been surpassed by Nano. Feeless, near instant, zero inflation, secure, eco friendly, fairly distributed L1 solution for the people. Digital money for the modern world. Brand name does not count for utility in the real world of currency

  7. Banks are not happy and Lot of rich Banks want to destroy this Chance. This Country will change into better if bitcoin Servive in this Country then economy will improve in this Land. because crypto is Feature currency.

  8. At best, I see bitcoin as an extremely risky investment, not a currency that one would use daily. How does the president see the significant drop in bitcoin's price today as a win? I understand that in the moment, he is now able to buy more for a "cheaper" relative price than the day before. But imagine your entire life savings, not including investments, and your emergency fund dropping by 10% in the span of a few hours? El Salvador should not be looked at as a place to do a crypto experiment when they are facing real problems they need to deal with.

  9. El Salvador is at the end side of the world, a little bankrupted nation which its people are continued enslaved by the colonialism of the U$dollar. There is nothing to lose!

  10. Its all for salvador goverment to get a slice of the trasfers from the workers in the us to their families. This will be a problem in the near future the critpos are to unstable and gambling is for the welthy not for the working families

  11. It’s only the older that don’t want to accept Bitcoin I’m assuming , as they don’t understand how it works or have no idea how to use a mobile phone

  12. We all know why US media is not liking this transformation to Bitcoin as only online digital currencies can bring down the dominance of dollar as a world currency

  13. rofl cuz thats what a poor country needs: a deflative currency.

    they can just pay their workers with artificially derived interest. win win….

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  15. Nobody transacts in bitcoins any more than they transact in checks or credit cards. Those are all tools to transact in the local currency. All bitcoin prices are bought/sold using the local currency's value as it relates to the rapidly changing price of bitcoins. Besides, who the heck prefers to trade with $1 or 0.000021 bitcoin?

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