What El Salvador's bitcoin rollout could mean for mainstream adoption

What El Salvador's bitcoin rollout could mean for mainstream adoption

El Salvador has officially adopted bitcoin as a legal currency. CNBC’s MacKenzie Sigalos joins ‘Squawk on the Street’ to discuss the rollout and what El …


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  2. Also imagine if everyone was invested in 1 stock because it’s low “legal tendency” they just want the tax money, and I’m praying for deflation if everyone invest massively. Makes my money worth more because I didn’t invest.

  3. No goddamnit no the world is going to crash because of this goddamn Ponzi scheme, everyone's going to regret not investing in Apple and Microsoft Mark my words this is going to be a disaster I hope this comment is used in future videos about how bitcoin was a complete scam all along and there were a subset of people that saw it for what it was, a scam to the highest degree

  4. If the hedgies are sell today because they think inflation is going to go higher, then why are they pilling into the dollar? If the dollar is going to lose value then why move into it? If they don't thing there will be inflation, then why are they selling so hard?

  5. Please joe biden do something stop this trumps minion el salvador president bukele is a trump minion and china and rusia partner is not an america friend

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  7. hold digital vaporware as a reserve and not gold and silver. This president truly is a coch rider of elon musk and thinks he is smart. Get ready to find out that el salvador went bankrupt in 5 years

  8. How much did El Salvadorians saved today after 20% bitcoin drop ? XD XD XD Actually I am praying hard for these poor people who got scammed. El Salvador president should be put to prison right now!

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  11. Poor El Salvadorians got burned today real hard. This bitcoin scam made more poor people than fiat and banks all together. Fools dont learn. Bitcoin just crashed 20%. Imagine poor people got all theyr money in bitcoin and now they cant buy food for kids =( This crypto scam should end now!

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