Today I want to talk about what happened with Bitcoin [BTC], why did it dump? Earn 7.5% APY + $250 Bonus w/Crypto Deposits …


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  2. Three big exchange dumped timing 3x orchestrated explaining by bit boy and exchanges were frozen to buying the dip. They have been doing this for years.

  3. If elsavdor made this move don't you think the IMF has purchased BTC and they are manipulating the market.. what do you all think. It's just the move from 529k to 42k yes leverage has a role to play but think of it, you really need billions of $ to make the market move drastically

  4. In my opinion, the main reason — the number one reason — I will HODL my BTC & ETH is that the DEEP POCKETS on Wall Street want to, and will, make huge profits on their derivatives. If these two (BTC & ETH) don't go up in the long term they would be buying for no good reason but they will insure that the prices on these will go up — and this is how they will make trillions on their BTC and ETH derivatives.

  5. MTV- They are talking about the cost of entry for regular people is exceptional. Because it doesn't require expensive equipment to run. A 2 core processor is adequate. Maybe You should Look Into What Your Talking About. Cause I've Been Listening For Months & It's Clear You Don't Read White, Yellow, Or Purple Papers….. Be Blessed

  6. George you are a 100% right these exchanges need to be held accountable for shutting down during these times. People are scared of regulation but honestly we need it people's money are at hands here. And true crypto should be in the power of the people not in the people who owned these crypto exchanges and can shut it down at any time

  7. It is called selling the news. Daytraders by the hype and sell the news and add to the fact that anybody who bought in say even two weeks ago in terms of whales could be substantially up then Hell yes they will sell.

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