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  1. Trust me nba2k fans
    You have a way way better sport game than any other sport game out there including fifa
    Can imagine proper un-robotic movement like this and the career mode and neighbourhood ?

  2. Why is this game 5 dollars more on ps5 August 4th 2021 14.99 ps4 19.99 ps5 they made one game we all know why but why … get it together

  3. I’m watching this because they got this on sale for the Nintendo switch for about $5. After reading these comments and watching this video, I’m going to keep my $5 ??

  4. Me: "So how's that new game coming along?"

    Ronnie2K: "Here ya go!" hands me game

    Me: "This…this says NBA 2k18…"

    Ronnie2K: "Sh*t my bad"

    Places 2K22 sticker on it

    Ronnie2K: "Ok, there ya go"

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