So MANY New VR Games – New VR News

So MANY New VR Games - New VR News

Welcome back to the New VR News. Today’s video is all about GAMES! We have 10 plus minutes of new games, game updates, mods and much more.


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  1. Thank you for your understanding. Delay is never an easy decision, but we believe it will help us make Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall even better. The fourth quarter of 2021 will sure be very exciting!!

  2. that whole video looks like an advertisement.. which of the shown products didn't you get for free/cheaper? I then want this!
    why isn't there any sign of paid productplacement?

  3. I'd suggest playing ayahuasca sitting down. If you know anything about real world ayahuasca it's a substance taken ritually and leaves the user incapacitated for up to six hours. It just kind of makes sense, unless there are things u need to do standing

  4. Another game pass game that has VR support is MYST. I'm guessing that since you can play Subnautica and others on game pass in VR that myst can too. I'll be trying it out in the next few days 🙂 Didn't have a pc during the days of the original version but have always wanted to play it.

  5. ya grapple tournament is good, IF you can aim behind you and stretch your arms to the sides and etc… the quest 2 isnt able to do these things, its a toy.

    Please upload your test of MW5 VR mod 🙂

  6. Thanks for the Starfighter Arduxim code! Mechwarrior 5 VR looks awesome but I wish you could control the weapons/cursor separately from the rest of the mech, would be pretty tough to implement but that's an advantage mech games developed specifically for VR have for now.

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