Syma X5S-1 Quadcopter with 720P Camera Review

Syma X5S-1 Quadcopter with 720P Camera Review

If you like my Work, Consider buying me a coffee 🙂 Syma X5S-1 was a good quadcopter for beginners and novice …


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  1. My son received the X5SC-1 for Christmas but we found this drone some-what difficult to handle for a first-time drone and not very stable to fly. Like other Syma manuals was not translated into English very well. Video was actually good and comes with sound which is not very useful due to engine noise. Also some of the video files keep corrupting. Having now flown the new X5UW drone, I would recommend it over this one, which levels off and was easy to fly by all the family. The X5UW video footage (no sound) however so far has not been as good as this drones.

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