Talking Tech & Saving the World with Bill Gates!

Chatting with Bill Gates about electric cars, AI, philanthropy and saving the world. The 2019 Gates Annual Letter: Interviews playlist: …


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  1. That dude is mot what he portrays himself. He dodged taxes with Microsoft, there was huge scandal. That is when he found the foundation and pushed his money there. He has now the biggest private investor of WHO and he has shares in big pharma too. Then Shares in Monsanto and Cargill. He is deep into GMO and these vaccines he pushing are more than questionable. Vaccine scandals in India and Africa, then now Microsoft made a 10 billion dollar contract with Pentagon about AI. He is a maniac and very dangerous! Don't be fooled.

  2. We have been living in a pandemic since we were born (Cancer) it takes more lifes every year than covid ? How come after all this time they won't give us the cure and they have it.

  3. Tesla NASA and nasa can't even get the basics right take offs and landings? After all these years and NASA can't get the basics right never mind flying into space?

  4. Lies lies lies! Did he tell you about his partner that had cancer and he shafted him when he was really ill? Did he tell you that he bought the technology back then he didn't make it? Talk real stuff!

  5. It's ironic see people only thinking the latest tech devices meanwile in other side of this world millions of people dyng by hunger. The human being is so strange.

  6. @iX3I i am exhusted and can not bear any more. please save me and my family gate sir.donate some money so that i can shift my house.I am not against any country.I am not world.

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