DIY Action Camera Mount for Most Drones

DIY Action Camera Mount for Most Drones

3 Simple mounts. 3 easy ways to mount just about any action camera to most drones. Works great on my Tarantula X6 and my Hubsan H501s Credit Card …


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About the Author: Izzak Walton


  1. I made one like the cc mount, but instead of a Velcro strap to hold the camera, I drilled a hole in the bottom ‘plate’ and poked a 1/4-20 bolt through it and used the adjustable shoe that came with the camera. It screws on solid like a tripod mount, I can adjust the pitch and it still has the vibration buffer.

  2. I just bought my first action camera. would you please recommend a drone for me? my budget is 200 dollars.
    I want to film my roofing project, and I want smooth flight. It's a go-pro hero 7 black, so I want the drone to be very safe.

    thank you in advance.

  3. Hi, do you think it's possible to swap the GoPro on the vertical drone? I would really like to make pictures or videos in "portrait" and not in landscape. I hope I explained. Unfortunately, online I did not find any accessories that could be useful to me. I was thinking of using the first method you showed, what do you think? Do you know some best accessories? Thanks so much!

  4. Hey man I have a question. My sjcam 4000 has a blem in the lens, and all my head cam videos show a blur in the lower right corner..I like it's user friendly characteristics and it's price..( I dont do and i dont like wi fi ) smart phone techy stuff.. so i am thinking of replacing the camera with a (git up 1)( hawkeye firefly q6)(firefly 7s) or spend another $60 on a (Sj4000)? Thanks man..

  5. Hey Izzak! Thanks so much for this video! I just used your diy zip-tie mount along with a few of my own additions (music studio accoustic padding to dampen vibration), and it worked great! Pretty happy with it, and will be tweaking it for improvements. If you're interested, I just posted my first video of the footage using a Firefly 7s. Thanks so much for your help!!! I'm going to give you a shout out on my next video showing what I did to the mount.

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